Divine Masculine

Dear Universe, I yearn for beautiful strong divine masculine to take me. To feel my energy and dance with it; caress like the breeze, flow like water, ignite the flames of my fires and ground me like the earth. The divine masculine that can meet me in power without being threatened. That can meet my … More Divine Masculine

Golden Eggs

“But it smells like rotten eggs!” I said. “If you can get over the smell, it’s good for your stomach” my friend said. “It’s burning hot!” I said. “Wait till it cools down a little. Drink it warm”. So I waited, inhaled, held my breath and drank the sulphur spring water. It tastes OK if … More Golden Eggs


“What will you gain if you gave up consumerism?” Achim posed this question to us at the end of Zegg Summer Festival. Freedom, connectedness, more time with loved ones, slower pace of life, more love, deeper connections with oneself and others, simpler life…etc are some of the answers that came up. Then it dawned on … More Zegg


You know how when you’re traveling in Germany, and someone asks: “what brings you to Austria?” and it dawns on you, for the 10th time: “Right! I’m in Austria, not Germany. Austria, Austria, Austria” (hoping to remember this time)? For the locals, I’m sure Germany and Austria are worlds apart. But the dumb tourist in … More Slov-enia/akia

Who’s Rich?

We didn’t have shampoo, conditioners, sun screen, shower gel, moisturizers, shaving cream or any other so called beauty products. Yet we were beautiful, happy and healthy. No detergents, fabric softeners or even dryers. No microfibers in our food, water or bodies. We used olive oil soap and loofahs to wash our bodies. The same soap … More Who’s Rich?

Life on dance!

When you see me dance, you’re not seeing me… dance, you’re witnessing my naked soul soar. I’m not the “me” that you and I know. When I dance, my soul breaks free from my body, from restrictions, from thoughts and it flies. There are no boundaries when I dance, no limits, no ego, no time … More Life on dance!

Ich bin ein Berliner

Berlin is the San Francisco of Europe; diverse, international, colorful, cultural hub and each neighborhood is its own microcosm. One can find anything under the sun; from corporate chains to a very vibrant alternative culture and everything in between. It’s the European melting pot complete with homeless people, leftist movements claiming their own neighborhood, visible … More Ich bin ein Berliner

Behind the Sun

Egypt was bitter sweet, very bitter and very sweet. Celebrating Eid with my brother’s family: very sweet! My brother couldn’t join us: very bitter. Playing with my adorable grandniece and grandnephews: super sweet. My brother cannot see them: painfully bitter. Snorkeling daily in the Red Sea: heavenly! My brother sees the sun only 1 hour … More Behind the Sun

Ancient Wisdom

Walking the quiet streets of Dahab in Egypt, we saw a Bedouin woman milking a goat… onto the street. No receptacle to collect the milk, no kid (baby goat) to drink the milk, just letting the milk spill on the street and soak into the dirt. “What a waste!” I thought, “that’s very unlike the … More Ancient Wisdom


We all know what to expect from McDonald’s, Starbucks…etc. There is comfort in uniformity and knowing what to expect. Someone far away decides the contents and form of your food and you trust and accept. #Franchising is as old as #religion ; you see a religious image and know exactly what it means. I saw … More Metamorphosis

Holy Guacamole!

As a devout atheist, one tree has a much higher spiritual content for me than all the temples, churches, mosques, synagogues and other human made holy guacamoles. However, my consumer trained mind sees a price tag on something and it thinks “it must be worth seeing”! That’s how I end up visiting special holy guacamoles … More Holy Guacamole!

Monkey Business

They work in pairs. The younger one distracts me with his looks and cuteness, he’s all over me, caresses my face, plays with my hair, his soft skin against my face feels so good. While the older, more experienced one goes straight for my backpack. Monkey business, the real deal! #monkeyforest #monkeybusiness #monkey #bali #indonesia … More Monkey Business

Embracing the shadows

“We cannot erase people’s traumas, but we can give them positive memories to overcome the effects of negative ones” Jeroen taught us in his freediving coach training (diving without scuba gear). And that: lots of positive memories, he delivered! In 10 days, I got over a long list of fears, some I didn’t even know … More Embracing the shadows

Heaven and Hell

What’s the difference between heaven and hell? The same moment, circumstances and environment can be either heaven or hell depending on what we choose to focus on. I have been practicing switching back and forth to increase my capacity for choosing my reality and living consciously. It’s very simple and never fails: think of past … More Heaven and Hell

My Addiction is…

I’ve had the habit ever since I remember. Sometimes I surrender to it and sometimes I resist. I can stop whenever I want, I believe, but what’s the point? When I think “I should stop”, that only lasts until I see the next opportunity then I’m on it again. The sweet sensations of freedom, excitement … More My Addiction is…

Apo Island

The Philippines consists of 7641 islands, many disappear in high tide. So if you are on one of those, forget about the multiplication tables, memorize your tide tables. Apo island doesn’t disappear in high tide despite being very small. It’s basically a couple of pointy rocks jutting out of the ocean, with a village on … More Apo Island

Traveling Sola

“Are you traveling alone? Why?” “Where’s your husband?” “Why isn’t he with you?”… are some of the questions people keep asking me in the Philippines. They might as well be saying:”Where’s your owner? How come you’re not on leash?” The concept of a free unattached woman traveling by herself seems to be alien to them. … More Traveling Sola

Dear My Fear

Dear my Fear, Our relationship hasn’t been the smoothest or the most amiable. You’re either controlling me, often paralyzing me, I’m ignoring you or following you then hating myself and your guts. Admittedly, sometimes you make me laugh with the ridiculous crazy thoughts you have. When you act up, you deprive us of living in, … More Dear My Fear

Choose Love!

The world is a mirror; it reflects back what we believe inside our heads! Once I clued in to this simple, yet profound fact, I realized that I have the power to create my reality and live whatever life I want. There is never one reality. There are always many ways to see and interpret … More Choose Love!


Filipino guy:”You ride me. We go wonderful. Eat the bitch. Then we come back 5″. Me:”Yes! Let’s go!”. Translation: “You ride with me. We go to the waterfalls. Eat at the beach. Then come back at 5 pm.” My fellow travelers and I were in stitches before we explained to the guy the importance of … More Filiplish

Change, Almighty!

Routine kills me. If I believed in a Goddess/God, it would be “Change”. Just like traditional Gods, Change saves me from painful experiences because I know they don’t last. However, unlike traditional Gods, Change can be felt and recognized by all living beings. No dogma or proselytizing necessary. It’s real. When I am in pain, … More Change, Almighty!

Cancer of the Earth

Two liquids of different densities don’t mix, like oil and water. But when two slightly different variants of the same liquid touch each other, you would expect them to blend together and produce a new homogeneous liquid. Right? Not in the Amazon! El Río Negro meets the Amazon River near Manaus, Brazil, they share a … More Cancer of the Earth