Life on dance!

When you see me dance, you’re not seeing me… dance, you’re witnessing my naked soul soar. I’m not the “me” that you and I know. When I dance, my soul breaks free from my body, from restrictions, from thoughts and it flies. There are no boundaries when I dance, no limits, no ego, no time or space, no pain, regrets or sadness, only passion. When I dance, there’s no past, no future, no shoulds and shouldn’ts, there are no rules or concepts, only bliss. When I dance, there’s freedom, joy, magic and love. Nothing exists, nothing that matters, only music and dance. There is no you and me, there’s no us and them, there are no borders or containers, only oneness and unity. When we dance, our hearts speak, beyond words, beyond minds and beyond bodies. Dance is the heart of the universe beating through us, from us, with us. When we dance, life happens. Life dances in us, telling the stories that cannot be said in words. Weaving the fabric that cannot be woven by hands. Painting the pictures that cannot be painted by brushes. Life, Love, Beauty happen… Shall we dance?

#dance #travel #unconditionallove #westandinlove

Photos by MaShuqa Murjan and Carl Sermon

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