We all know what to expect from McDonald’s, Starbucks…etc. There is comfort in uniformity and knowing what to expect. Someone far away decides the contents and form of your food and you trust and accept. #Franchising is as old as #religion ; you see a religious image and know exactly what it means. I saw Ramadan greetings in Jakarta complete with a camel! Packaged image that has little to do with the nature of Indonesia’s tropical weather. They probably saw a native camel…never! When I spent Xmas in New Zealand, I saw carolers wearing earmuffs and surrounded by cotton to simulate snow. When did New Zealand get snow in December? Never! Packaged image that has nothing to do with the nature of NZ where Xmas is in the middle of their summer. Just like body food, religions package soul food in predetermined, ‘one size fits all’ bites that offer uniformity, security and comfort. #Inherited lives with inherited #beliefs keep replicating inherited systems. Because safety, even the illusion thereof, offers comfort, or the #illusion thereof, inherited lives work. #Fear of exclusion and the unknown prevents most people from questioning: “Why on Earth am I wearing earmuffs in the heat of summer?” or “what do camels have to do with Ramadan?” or “should I really cut the most sensitive part of my baby boy’s penis?”. We are, after all, social animals. #Exclusion translates in our primitive minds to death.
Most of us live an inherited life until it fails us. Something goes terribly wrong so we start #questioning. Why do we do things? In what should we believe? This disturbs the stagnant waters of uniformity and the illusion of safety. Resistance ensues. The inherited system is threatened. Its very existence depends on illusions and the lack of critical thinking. It uses fear to keep the straddlers in line. Fear works most of the time. Yet something stronger is also at work; your #intuition and inner guidance. You know in your core there’s a different way. You keep going despite the fear. There is pain, tears, loneliness, self doubt and #death. Yet something inside you, stronger than your fears and exhaustion keeps you going. People will discourage, criticize and disapprove but your #conviction is stronger. Then #metamorphosis happens. A new you is born out of the ashes of what needed to die. You start living a life of your own choice and creation. A custom-made life that fits and modifies to your needs. Surprisingly, you become a hero and a role model, even to the naysayers. Those who love you stay in your life, despite the differences. Those who don’t, you don’t even remember their names. By living your #bliss, you are a beacon for others to find their own light. Only then you know your purpose: Follow your heart!

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