Divine Masculine

Dear Universe,
I yearn for beautiful strong divine masculine to take me. To feel my energy and dance with it; caress like the breeze, flow like water, ignite the flames of my fires and ground me like the earth. The divine masculine that can meet me in power without being threatened. That can meet my fantasies and desires without holding back. Play until there’s no place left untouched, inside and out, body and soul. Unite, ignite, fuse, flow, rest, rinse and repeat. Float in the bliss of cosmic union where there’s no time or space, no you or me, no us or them, no up or down and no minds. Energy flow and blissful connections guide our hearts and bodies. The divine masculine that feels, listens and shares, gives and takes, ebbs and flows, searches and finds. It learnt to accept, forgive and unconditionally love itself and the world. It evolved beyond greed, entitlement, possessiveness, shame, guilt, lack, attachment, control, blame and other forms of irrational fear. The divine masculine with whom I am safe to wholeheartedly surrender.
Please manifest in abundance!

Yours truly,
The divine feminine

#divinemasculine #divinefeminine #abundance #beyondfear #westandinlove #spain #andalucia #valledesensaciones #mediterranean

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