Love Death!

Life is full of endings, losses and deaths. From sunsets, graduations, moving, promotions to ends of relationships, jobs and of course, lives. Death is part of nature. We are part of nature. Death is part of us! Yet, we, as a human culture, don’t talk about it much, don’t discuss it and when it, inevitably happens, we often act like something went wrong that shouldn’t have happened. How crazy is that? The fastest way to suffer is to fight nature. Sadly, we have been fighting, destroying and controlling nature every step of the way. Is it any surprise that there’s so much suffering in the world? Do you want to transform suffering into joy? Love Death! How? Death always signals new beginnings. Instead of focusing on the loss and what used to be, we can choose to focus only one millimeter ahead. Choose to see the beginning of the new chapter, feel excitement for the blessings to come and celebrate the cycles of life. “Don’t cry over spilled milk” is not callous or insensitive, it’s love! It’s embracing nature in all its power. Power to create out of the ashes. Power to metamorphose the worm into a butterfly. If you examine your life, I’m sure you can see how every loss was followed by a bigger gain. Every turning of a page, revealed a better page, despite the pain. Often times the more painful a change feels, the bigger the reward on the other side of it. Would you rather stay a kid all your life? Would you like to live a “Groundhog Day”* kind of life? If your answer is ‘no’, then embrace death as an act of love! Love death!

* “Groundhog Day” is a movie where the protagonist was trapped in a reality that kept repeating itself exactly the same way day after day.

#death #love #change #fear #transformation #life #sunset #love #surrender #gratitude

2 thoughts on “Love Death!

  1. Hello Hala, is Luis from Mama’s Home in Tulum, thanks for sharing this is very helpful and positive constructive to my life in this moment, thanks for show the world a different perspective of love and human kindness. Will be great to talk someday about life. Hope you’re enjoying your journey.



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