Dancing is playful, flowy, spontaneous, sexy and creative. What if we let the flow carry us away? What if there were no limits except those that we feel in the moment and express as we feel them? We have mutual respect, trust, honesty and self responsibility. No big brother to protect, control or guarantee. No rules, regulations or a long list of do and don’t. Own your power! Feel your body. Move towards pleasure and away from pain. Express your desires and boundaries without shame, guilt or fear. “No” is not a death sentence, it’s an authentic connection. Since our bodies are touching, we’re already communicating our Yeses and Nos non verbally. No need to go to the head and talk. Start reaching out with a finger, hand or forearm. As long as mutual consent is present, more body parts will enmesh, no agenda, no expectations. Living in the present moment. You may find yourself flying in the air, rolling on the floor, in an embrace, kissing, in a puppy pile, making love or separating. Wherever the flow takes you. Age, gender, social status, body type, skills and all other differentiators disappear and we’re meeting at a human to human level. Appreciating and celebrating our differences, similarities, rawness, authenticity and freedom. Anyone is free to change their mind at any moment and express it. Life is a dance. Why not live it up with our bodies and hearts?
That was my experience at Touch&Play Festival near Barcelona, Spain. Freedom to be, express and communicate. Relaxing into our humanity. I was heading to Ibiza and had no idea that life had another plan for me. I didn’t know such a thing as Touch&Play existed until 3 days before the event. Thanks to a spontaneous meeting with my beautiful friend Kamila, my life was enriched by amazing people and experiences. The magic of trust; of living in the moment and going with the flow! I bow to the wisdom of the universe!

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The water was very refreshing, i.e cold! Vidalia community.
3 kittens and hair! Vidalia community near Barcelona, Spain.
2 of my favorite species! Can’t decide who’s cuter.
Huntress in action!
Valencia, Spain.
Valencia Spain
Spanish Horchata! Made from Chufa or Tiger nuts. Very different from Mexican Horchata.
Reunited and it feels so good! With beautiful Kamila.
Saffron seeds in Valencia market.
Cactus flower. La Plana resort near Barcelona Spain.
Valencia Spain
La Plana resort near Barcelona
La Plana resort
Chilling at La Plana
Beauty in nature.
Chilling under a tree.
Grateful for all the beautiful connections!

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