The future is female!

Whoever controls women’s bodies, owns the future. Wouldn’t you rather be that person? It’s YOUR body after all. Nature is your best guide; if your body craves it, then it’s good. Whether it’s food, sex, movement, love, sunshine, touch, water, music, rest, exercise,…etc. Listen to your body and cherish it, it’s your ONLY faithful companion throughout your life. Do NOT listen to anyone who claims to know more about your body under the guise of religion, god, authority, society, standards,..etc. FREE your mind and body from other people’s dogmas, opinions and biases. If your body craves something, find healthy ways of satisfying it without hurting yourself or others. Everything else belongs in the trash can.
Happy Women’s era!
To all the women, and men who love them.

Mar 08, 2016 5:05pm

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