My Addiction is…

I’ve had the habit ever since I remember. Sometimes I surrender to it and sometimes I resist. I can stop whenever I want, I believe, but what’s the point? When I think “I should stop”, that only lasts until I see the next opportunity then I’m on it again. The sweet sensations of freedom, excitement and joy are all I could think about. I surrender, feel the bliss, keep going, want more, there’s always more. People think I’m wasting my life away. They don’t understand. All my senses are heightened when I’m doing it; food tastes better, sights and people are more beautiful, I’m friendlier, more creative, happier and less inhibited. I know I’m not alone, there are thousands of us out there and we’re all happy. Some people use only the cheap kind, others use the expensive stuff. I like variety. I keep switching and that heightens my senses even more. No matter how many times I stop, I keep going back. In my early 30s, I had an episode that lasted 5 months. I had to stop so as not to lose my USA green card. My cat Goddess Keesha was the only one who made me kick the habit. When she passed, I immediately went back and I’m still doing it…
My name is Hala, and I am a traveler!

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