Hala is a Tantra Practitioner who is passionate about spreading the culture of Love and Abundance! She has been traveling the world since 2017 presenting about healthy relationships, Dance, authentic relating and empowering people to choose love and own their power. Hala’s teachings are greatly influenced by her trainings with Landmark Education, Conscious Sensuality, Network for New Culture, Tamera and ZEGG, NVC (Non Violent Communication), Orgasmic Meditation (OM), Tribal Technologies, Authentic Relating and many other transformational work and modalities over the course of 25+ years. She taught workshops around the globe: California & Hawaii, USA, Andalucía & Barcelona, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Philippines, Germany, Portugal, Dahab & Aswan, Egypt to name a few. Hala’s app, “Big Talk Game” (available on app stores) helps people connect at a deeper level and form long lasting bonds.
Hala is happy to share her passions at your community and/or events: “Big Talk Game” authentic relating, “4 Practices 4 Healthy Relationships”, “From Triggers to Teachers” Workshops, Conscious Sensuality workshops, Tantra Massage, Innerdance Shamanic Journeys, ZEGG Forum Facilitation, Non Violent Communication (NVC) mediation, Practical Love Practices, Bellydance Classes and Performances!

“Following the passing of many beloveds in 2016, I decided to go on an open ended journey around the world. Realizing that my suffering stemmed from my attachments to how things should and shouldn’t be, the journey became an ongoing practice in non-attachment, living in the moment, going with the flow and following my pleasure. Tantra became my way of life! That freed me from worry and opened up my world to the magic of life and the miracles of love and abundance. I’m very grateful to all the wonderful people who graciously listened and encouraged me to share my work in many communities around the globe: Lolia Ecovillage on the Big Island of Hawaii, Valle de Sensaciones in Andalucía Spain, Zajejova in Slovakia, Bahay Kalipay in The Philippines, ZEGG in Germany, Touch&Play in Barcelona Spain, Permalab in Portugal, Seeds (Dahab) and Fekra (Aswan) in Egypt to name a few. My biggest passion and motivation is to spread the culture of Love and Abundance as far and wide as possible. If this resonates with you, please share this blog with your communities. Thank you!”

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