Travel benefits

When I was young, my dad used to always say “travel has 7 benefits”. I can’t remember what they are now but, in my experience, the benefits of travel are much more than that. They are as many as the people you meet, the things you learn and the “traveler moments” you have. Those are the magical coincides that occur without any planning. Sometimes they last a few seconds but are worth a lifetime.
Like when I was swimming in a volcano crater and it was totally fogged in. We could only see 3 meters ahead because we were high up in the clouds. Then it rained, the fog cleared and revealed a beautiful oasis. As if someone lifted a curtain behind which lies the almost perfect circular pool surrounded by luscious jungle. Unbelievably magical! I wanted to freeze time. No camera, words or even a movie can capture the beauty and serenity of the place.
Another traveler moment happened when I went zip lining. It was drizzling and while I was sliding over a beautiful green valley in the middle of the forest, I saw a perfect rainbow underneath. I was literally “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.
Often, the experience is more mundane, like my host playing her guitar and we’re singing “Hey Jude” together.

One of my coaches has a name for those magic moments that you want to store in the safest place in your memory bank and keep revisiting them whenever you feel stressed or need a dose of positive energy. He calls them ‘Aristosensia’.

I have always enjoyed traveling sola and experiencing the spontaneity of life. 20-30 years ago, I was almost always the only woman traveling by herself. Today, it’s very heartwarming to see and meet many brave confident women traveling alone or in groups of 2-3. The more people travel, the more friendly the world will be.
My dad was right, travel does have at least 7 benefits, go discover them for yourself.
Dec 28, 2015 3:38am

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