Seeds of violence

I was in the park the other day watching wild ducks and geese and enjoying the natural beauty when I saw a young boy, about 7 years old, chase a duck. He pounced on it, picked it up and walked away holding it under his arm. I walked up to him and asked him to drop it. He refused saying that he wants to play with it. His 2 friends joined in and argued that the duck likes it and that they play like that all the time. I told them that the duck has no choice and tried to reason with them about how helpless the duck is against someone their size. They insisted that the duck enjoys it. I picked up the boy with the duck from his waist to demonstrate my point, at which point they all yelled in unison “child abuse”. I said “Exactly, thank you. What you’re doing is animal abuse”. They insisted it’s not the same and the kid kept holding on to the duck. I finally said “Drop it or I’ll call the police”. He finally did let the duck go.
It was very painful to see the seeds of violence, rape and the total lack of empathy in those kids. Makes me wonder if we’re ever going to evolve as a human race.

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