Violence is not only physical force, crime, weapons and war, that’s just the final manifestation of it. Violence starts every time you live out of alignment with your true nature. Every time you say ‘yes’ when you’re a ‘no’, you’re being violent. Every time you say ‘no’ when you’re a ‘yes’, you’re being violent. Every time you play small, don’t speak your truth, don’t take your space, stuff your emotions, grin and bear it, don’t listen to your body and its wisdom, you’re being violent. That’s when you plant the seed of violence. That’s where it all begins. When we act out of alignment with our authentic nature, judgement, fear, separation and scarcity are born. Then we meet another human, animal, plant, see it as “the other” and feelings of fear and distrust arise. That’s the seed starting to sprout. That’s when violence begins manifesting. Instead of blindly following this urge of fight or flight, stop and take a breath. Check in with your body. What’s missing? How can you kill this poisonous seed before it bears fruit? What’s your Truth? Listen! Believe! Trust!
All nationalistic, racial and misogynist ideas and movements, from building walls to the Nazi movement, racial segregation in the American South, the ongoing wars in the Middle East and many religious beliefs that advocate “us vs them” are manifestations of that same sprout of fear and scarcity. The only path to peace has to go through your own heart.
I invite you to ask yourself: where in my life am I being violent? Where am I not speaking my truth? Where am I betraying myself, withholding or playing small? Because no matter how many peace movements you support, how much you love nature, how many trees you plant, if you don’t uproot the violence in your own heart, nothing is going to change. Violence, like love, starts in the mirror.
Our true essence is love. Free, unconditional and pure. Let’s start planting that instead.
Let’s get in touch with the wounded child inside all of us and give it the Hawaiian Hooponopono prayer: “Forgive me. I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you”.

#violence #truth #forgive #love #ho’oponopono #fear #scarcity #westandinlove

Cascais, Portugal

Cascais, Portugal

With Maku.
Cleo enjoying the sun at Permalab Community in Portugal
Cascais, Portugal
Amazing cactus. Permalab Community. Portugal.
Artemis. Permalab Community. Portugal.
Milfontes. Portugal.
Milfontes. Portugal.
Rock formations. Milfontes. Portugal.
Festivities after planting trees. Reforestation Event.
Cleo. Permalab Community. Portugal.
Cork Tree. Portugal.
Permalab Community, Portugal.

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