Change, Almighty!

Routine kills me. If I believed in a Goddess/God, it would be “Change”. Just like traditional Gods, Change saves me from painful experiences because I know they don’t last. However, unlike traditional Gods, Change can be felt and recognized by all living beings. No dogma or proselytizing necessary. It’s real. When I am in pain, my belief in Change alleviates the suffering. When I am happy, I thank Change and enjoy every second because I know it won’t last. When I feel neutral, I don’t sink in the dark abyss of boredom because I know Change will take care of it. Change will “save” you from the dark times and reward you with relief and joy. If you want to feel proactive, pray to Change and take some credit when it (inevitably) happens. In the happy moments, be grateful and thank Change that brought you joy and be humble as it doesn’t last. As you go about life, ask Change for what you want, thereby directing and influencing the outcome. If it happens, thank Change. If not, keep trying. Change will eventually happen. It may not look like what you had in mind, but it will always be different and your mind will make stories to make it fit your beliefs. Change, the Almighty is omnipotent, omniscient and real.

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