Golden Eggs

“But it smells like rotten eggs!” I said. “If you can get over the smell, it’s good for your stomach” my friend said. “It’s burning hot!” I said. “Wait till it cools down a little. Drink it warm”. So I waited, inhaled, held my breath and drank the sulphur spring water. It tastes OK if you don’t smell it.
When I travel by buses and trains, I tend to sit for long hours. I greatly enjoy watching life go by from a moving vehicle. However, the lack of movement, coupled with eating mostly dry food and not drinking enough water to avoid uncomfortable toilets, wreaks havoc on my digestion. I’m typically constipated and my tummy hurts. I was desperate for a relief so I drank the warm water that smelled like rotten eggs. The next day, I felt better! So before leaving Piestany, Slovakia, I refilled my bottle with the magic water from the natural spring and used it as medicine. I didn’t buy it from a drug store, didn’t need a prescription, didn’t pay money for it, Mother Nature keeps pouring it out in abundance. That’s Mother Nature: abundant! Then humans interfere with their arrogance, greed and ignorance and kill their proverbial goose that lays golden eggs and turn abundance into scarcity. Nature, including our bodies, is a huge and infinite source for healing and happiness. If we feel it, listen to it, honor it, treat it with love, reverence and care, it has the amazing capacity to heal itself and our culture from most physical, mental and social ills. Yet, we oppress, exploit, control and destroy. All in the name of economic affluence, comfort, modernity and the illusion of stability. Let’s wake up before it’s too late. Let’s enjoy the golden eggs instead of killing the goose.

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Park in Piestany, Slovakia
Piestany, Slovakia
Piestany, Slovakia
Piestany, Slovakia
Minks swimming in the river. Piestany, Slovakia.
Community coming together to build the roof. Zajezova, Slovakia.
Flowers. Slovakia. Photo by Peter Banas.
Black Beauty. Sekier, Slovakia.
Peter after a refreshing swim in the lake. Zajezova, Slovakia.
Piestany, Slovakia

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