Heaven and Hell

What’s the difference between heaven and hell? The same moment, circumstances and environment can be either heaven or hell depending on what we choose to focus on. I have been practicing switching back and forth to increase my capacity for choosing my reality and living consciously. It’s very simple and never fails: think of past trauma or horrible future scenarios = fear, contraction = Hell. Focus on the present moment = all’s good, relaxation, enjoyment = Heaven. Choosing fear/Hell is automatic because we’ve been trained that way. Even under seemingly perfect conditions, I almost instinctively make up worst case scenarios.
Setting: I’m in the ocean, swimming in an idyllic paradise beach.
Hell: scenes from the movie Jaws. The time when I got caught in an eddy and my brother saved my life by pulling me out. Memory of the wave that sucked me down and banged my head on the rocks. Imaginary horror scenarios of made up sh!t that my mind is so good at concocting.
Heaven: at this present moment, I feel the crystal clear warm water caressing my whole body. I see the beautiful green mountains surrounding the blue ocean all around me. I hear the soothing sounds of the waves, breeze and water splashes. I smell the fresh clean air. I taste the salty water and I think to myself what a wonderful world! I get out of the ocean and lie down on the soft sand under a beautiful tree. I look at the ocean and admire the vibrant colors of nature! I quietly and humbly bow in awe and say “thank you” to the ocean, sky, trees, sand, mountains, clouds, my body, my life, everything and everyone who made this magic moment possible. Then the next moment happens and brings its own magic. And I feel gratitude, love and joy.
Hell is irrational Fear. Heaven is the present moment! Take your pick.

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