The Fear Virus!

Your fear is not my reality. I know you feel it, think it and believe it. I don’t. We share the same physical world yet our experiences and realities are different. Love, trust and freedom are my Goddesses. They are not a threat to you unless you project your fears onto them. Your fear projections poison the air much faster and stronger than any virus ever can. Trying to impose your fear reality onto me does not make life any safer for either of us. I am entitled to my reality just like you are. I know people are dying and suffering in many parts of the world. How does my suffering with them help any of us? That only increases suffering in the world. I feel empathy for them without dwelling on the suffering. I choose to feel my joy, love and trust. I choose to live my life, not yours, not anyone else’s. If you don’t feel safe with my choices, please take care of yourself and do whatever you need to feel safe without imposing your reality onto others without consent. Your freedom to impose your fear ends at my freedom to live without it. We can coexist! Getting sick, dying, rotting and decaying is an unavoidable part of life and I embrace it. There’s no escape. No isolation, mask or sanitizer will save you from getting sick. It only gives you the illusion of safety. I prefer to live without your illusions. The stress created by fear, isolation and the excessive use of harsh chemicals are more dangerous to the immune system than any virus. If anyone gets sick, we are all entitled to take care of ourselves in any way we deem appropriate. Health care facilities were never meant to serve only the ones who follow certain rules. If that was the case, no sick people would be treated, they would be judged as careless and not deserving of service, which is ludicrous. One can even argue that those who are stressing, spreading fear and using harsh chemicals, are endangering all of us. By weakening their immune system and getting sick they’re not being responsible. Let’s stop playing victims and projecting our fears and wounds onto others. I respect your desire to live your illusions. Please respect mine. Arguing whose reality is right is futile and doesn’t lead anywhere. It only leads to lying, cheating, suppression, oppression, retaliation, fighting… I think we all know this scenario very well. As Rumi said: Beyond right and wrong, there’s a huge field. I’ll meet you there!

Sunset at South Point. Big Island. Hawaii.
Baby Mickey!
Roots. Photo by Andreas Ziörjen.

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