Journey to Love

The voices in my head said: “you’ll be criticized. They’re going to laugh at you. No one will take you seriously”. I believed them so I didn’t share my passions. Whenever I found myself with loving supportive people who expressed interest in what I have to offer, I shared. Every time I dared to bare my soul, I was met with love, enthusiasm, encouragement and people asking for more. I was invited to speak in several communities, many people had ‘aha’ moments and almost everyone asked how can they share it with friends. I shifted to “someday I’ll publish it online. Not sure when. I’m too busy traveling and enjoying myself”. Enthusiasm and encouragement kept growing and my self doubt kept shrinking. Then I fell, fractured two toes and was homebound for a while. Running out of excuses, I broke down and asked for help. Beautiful generous souls offered to help and convinced me that we could do it. I fought my self doubt every step of the way until it finally materialized.
It started off as “4 practices for healthy Polyamory”. Then I realized they’re applicable to any relationship, not just polyamorous ones. The title became “Unconditional Love practices”. Some people said “unconditional love” can be emotionally charged and misinterpreted. In addition, I believe if it’s not unconditional, it’s not love. It becomes a trade of energies. I finally settled on “Journey to Love”. Acknowledging that the journey is as important as the destination. After recording the concepts that apply to all relationships, I needed to mention polyamory because that’s my loyal supportive community who helped me overcome my self criticism. So we added a different introduction for my heart family; the Polyamory Communities. Enjoy the videos:

Polyamory Journey to Love:

I invite you to join us and spread love in your communities. I’m especially interested in collaborating to create community around the practices, support each other and inspire the world to love, unconditionally. What a great way to start the new decade: creating love and abundance!

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