Choose Love!

The world is a mirror; it reflects back what we believe inside our heads!
Once I clued in to this simple, yet profound fact, I realized that I have the power to create my reality and live whatever life I want. There is never one reality. There are always many ways to see and interpret our experiences. Why not choose ways that empower us and elevate our spirits?
We’re faced with hundreds of choices every day. Some are trivial, others are pivotal. What to wear, eat, read, consume, tune to, which job to take, where to live, which relationships to invest in,…etc. Our time, attention, money and resources are our life energy. Every day we’re faced with thousands of ways to use it. Most of the time our choices are out of habit or inertia. “I drink my coffee the same way while reading/listening to the same news channel every morning”. Who wants to waste time choosing a new routine every day? But every now and then, it’s worth examining our choices, including the habitual and unconscious ones, to make sure we don’t become slaves to our habits and waste our life energy in things that drain us or at the very least, don’t serve us. I have been practicing “Choosing Love” and it greatly improved my quality of life. Let me explain:

At the root of every decision, there are two main choices, or branches: one motivated by love and abundance, and one motivated by fear and scarcity. When faced with any decision, I invite you to take a moment and ask yourself: “if I were living in total love and abundance, what would I do?”. You may still choose not to follow through with that option, but at least give it a fighting chance. It’s like practicing a new muscle; the more you work it, the stronger it becomes. The more you practice envisioning and choosing love and abundance, the more the universe will reflect it back at you.

The fear and scarcity branch encompasses all negative emotions; frustration, judgement, anger, sadness…etc. For most of us, choices based in fear are so instinctive and automatic. Not because they’re easy or better for us, but because they’re familiar; we’ve been practicing choosing fear ALL OUR LIVES. Actually, choices motivated by fear may give us a quick relief, an easy fix, an instant high, but they are rarely in our best interest on the long run. Contrarily, love choices can be like a bitter pill, they’re difficult to take, but they always serve us down the road.
When you choose love, make sure you start with yourself. This is not selfishness, this is the seed that will grow into your love tree which will shower everyone in your life with love and abundance. If your self love is not strong enough, your love tree will not grow or bear fruit.
Love is an infinite resource: the More you give, the More you have.

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