Life is all fun and games until you accidentally fall and fracture a toe or two. Luckily it happened while I’m home in California among family and friends. I’m flying high in a Contact Improv dance engagement. One slip. I’m on the floor with intense pain in my foot. I guess the universe is telling me to slow down. I surrender. Frozen peas and carrots take the shape of the foot like a bean bag, more effective than ice packs. Walking is slow. Dancing, hiking and other rigorous physical activities are on hold for now. I learnt that “buddy taping” is not something you do with friends, it means binding a finger/toe to the one next to it to prevent it from moving independently. Full recovery is expected in a few weeks. Time to work on my home projects. Top of the list: “Unconditional Love” video project. I’d like to make a high quality recording. Put together a collage of pictures. Overlay the voice recording over the images with musical interludes. If you, or anyone you know, can help with the following, please get in touch:
• High quality voice recording.
• Video editing.
• Music.

#videoediting #california #toefracture #tribe #community #westandinlove #slowingdown

Natural Bridges beach. Santa Cruz, California.
Mediterranean breakfast. Santa Clara, California.
Peas and carrots ice pack
A few hours after the injury. With my dance sisters.
The love and support of family and friends make it all tolerable.
Mike Samuel morphs different conversations into cartoons.

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