The day love died

Keesha’s dead.
My beloved companion of 11 years passed away today. The Queen is gone. She was the softest cat ever, had the sweetest personality and the cutest meow. I love her beyond reason and worship her kind, sweet soul.
She had been losing weight for the past 2 months or so. Last Wed, the vet said she had abdominal cancer. Thursday afternoon, she jumped on my neck, as she typically did, rubbed her soft face on mine, then went outside. When she didn’t come back for the rest of the day, I got worried. Fri early morning, Shawn found her in the neighbor’s backyard with one arm stuck under the fence, she was very weak and looked like she was dying. We brought her home and made her comfortable until she passed sometime overnight.
Right now, there is no place that is not painful. She was loved and cherished by everyone who met her. She was indeed, a revered Queen. RIP Keesha.
Jul 23, 2016 10:46am

We had a very passionate love story. To translate from Arabic, she was the “soul of my heart”, “my life”, “my beloved” and “the light of my eyes”. She was my friend, companion, confidante, teacher, baby, Goddess and the softest cat ever. When I cried, she would lick the tears off my cheek. When I couldn’t sleep, she would purr on my face and put me to sleep. When I got upset, she would sit next to me and melt the negativity away.
Keesha lived and died on her own terms. She knew what she wanted and how to get it. She also knew what she didn’t want and made sure everyone got it.
I went to the Pet hospital in 2005 to get a white fuzzy baby kitten to name “cotton ball”. However, she had a different plan and I went home with a black short haired, 4-months old kitten and I called her “Keesha”.
I wanted to put a collar on her but after losing 3 collars, she won and I ditched the idea. I tried to walk her with a leash but she would park herself and not move an inch until I took it off.
When she curled up with me, nothing else mattered. Keesha could do no wrong. She was pure love. It always amazed me how such a tiny creature could cause so much joy, happiness and love.
On July 23, I knew she was ready to die because she refused to swallow the water I tried to give her. I learnt so much from Keesha but her last lesson was the most powerful; accepting and welcoming death when the time comes. She lived and died gracefully. When she knew the end was near, she didn’t eat for a whole day. Sure enough, after she breathed her last breath, nothing came out of her belly. It was the first time I handle a dead body and she made it easy and painless because she was at peace. We buried her in the garden and planted a rose bush on top of her. 2 weeks later, she gave us the first rose.
You will always be loved my beautiful Goddess Keesha!
Oct 03, 2016 5:56am

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