When did dirt become dirty?

Have you ever gotten dirty by choice? I don’t mean the “dirty mind” kind of dirty (even though that’s fun too). I mean the good ole wallow in the mud, slip and slide in the dirt and get your whole body smothered in earth; sand, soil, dust…etc. kind of dirty. Does the thought make you cringe? Or is it a wet dream? In any case, I encourage you to do it. Once you get over your inhibitions and stop hearing your mom’s voice in your head yelling at you, you’ll discover a whole new world of primal instincts taking over. If you can suspend judgement, stop thinking about cleaning up and start feeling the textures on your skin, you’re bound to discover new sensations and horizons you never knew existed. There’s nothing more natural than being in contact with Earth. Unfortunately for us, humans, we’ve diverged so far from our Nature that even the simple pleasure of touching Earth is considered bad and “dirty”. This sad fact, that we’ve distanced ourselves from Nature and all the beautiful healthy pleasures it can offer us, comes at a very high price. Namely, our health. Even worse, our Mother Earth’s health which is a sure step towards our demise. If we were still connected to the natural elements at the source, Earth, water, wind, fire,…etc, if we had allowed them to nourish, heal and protect us, we’d, for sure, have taken much better care of them. Instead, we got so fu¢king arrogant that we polluted, exploited, abused and poisoned the very source that gives us our life. The more “rich” we are, the more we damage nature as if it’s our enemy. Then we charge top dollar for organic food, natural spring water, mud baths, nature reserves…etc. We remove dust and soil from our bodies and living spaces, fill them with toxic chemicals and artificial poison and call it “cleaning”. The (lucky) few who still live in harmony with nature are labeled primitive/poor/old fashioned/dirty…etc. We marginalize them, steal or buy their natural resources, exploit, waste and “pave paradise to put up a parking lot”. Humanity took a seriously wrong turn when dirt became “dirty”. That is, when dirty became a bad word. Can we wake up and save ourselves? Mother Nature is generous and forgiving (to some extent). Unfortunately, because of these exact same qualities, it’s easy to slip into the dangerous slope of exploiting it.
“Only when the last tree has died, the last fish been caught and the last stream poisoned, will we realize that we cannot eat money”. Let’s not wait until then.

My sand suit.

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