In the Belly of the Mother

There’s something magical about them. The fascinating rock formations. The silence. The constant comfortable temperature no matter what the weather is like. Most of all, the feeling of being in the belly of the mother: Mother Earth!
I love caves. They invoke a plethora of feelings and images: Peaceful. Contained. Humble. Awe! Curious. Mystery. Exhilaration. Connected to the source!
No matter how many caves I visit, the experience never gets old. Each one is unique. Each corner is an original artwork of Mother Nature!
Caves preserve our history. They tell the stories that are long forgotten. They remind us of who we were. They’re the living proof that once upon a time, we celebrated being part of Nature; living in harmony with all her parts, hearts and changes. We accepted the cycles and mood swings instead of fearing, rejecting and trying to control. Before we went astray, we were connected and safe. Really safe, not having the illusion of safety by creating dangers and sweeping them under the rug until we can’t anymore then blame Nature for our short-sightedness.
Caves are our origin, our long forgotten home. When we were safe and peaceful in the belly of the Mother: Mother Earth!

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