Costa Rica

Still processing the transformative power of Costa Rica’s beauty and magic after spending 3 wonderful weeks there. It felt like a 3-weeks long orgasm! If Kenya and New Zealand had a baby, it would be Costa Rica.
Most compelling of all is the abundance of life in all its forms; birds, animals, reptiles, jungles, insects, even the earth is alive with volcanoes and the occasional earthquake. Humans are merely part of the symphony of life, not the guards or the controllers. There is something very primal and delicious about being one with nature and CR offers it in abundance. We don’t have to kill, imprison or enslave other forms of life to be safe or happy. On the contrary, doing so makes us miserable, poor, lonely, detached from our nature and ultimately, seeps into our fabric and we do the same to each other, leading to a predominant culture of fear, hate and scarcity. There is a much better way to live and coexist as farmers in Costa Rica have done for millennia. Welcoming and respecting snakes, jaguars, spiders as well as birds, flowers, monkeys and other creatures as friendly neighbors. Knowing and respecting each others’ boundaries does the trick. Mother nature provides for all. Imagine living without fear!
CR has peacefully coexisted with its war torn neighbors with NO ARMY! 99% of their energy production is from renewable resources; mostly hydraulic (about 70%) and the rest is solar and wind. Their president lives in their own house with one police car parked in the area. Everyone knows the address and is welcome to visit. Just another person doing their job.
As my beautiful friend Russ succinctly put it, there’s an abundance of feminine energy in Costa Rica. Or to use Riane Eisler’s terminology; cooperative (vs competitive) energy. Costa Rica beautifully demonstrates how we can thrive in a cooperative way. “Pura Vida” indeed. I’m forever grateful to have experienced first hand what I had dreamt about for so long.
Jan 06, 2016 7:35pm

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