Plans Derailed

When I decided to go to California, I felt resistance and resentment. I was planning to meet my beloved, Russ, in Paris, celebrate his birthday on a Mediterranean island, enjoy the last bit of European summer before migrating south. Instead, his birthday started in a dusty, messy house, with junk all around us, I had 2 fractured toes and a very long to-do list. For more excitement, my friend’s 2 year old cutie pie dropped screws in my CD player when we, adults, looked away for a minute. I was a mess.
How did we get here?
I was invited to participate in a 2 month women’s retreat in an Eco community in Portugal. Since my passion is to spread the love culture and empower women, this retreat felt like the perfect challenge at this point in my journey. Only one problem: My passport was expiring soon. I either stay put in one place for 4 weeks or forget about the retreat. Since I needed to do house projects in California, I figured it’s the perfect place to park my bags waiting for a new passport. As fate would have it, 5 days after coming home, I fell and fractured 2 toes. Grounded. Couldn’t move easily. Forced to focus on getting sh!t done around the house. Hence the big dusty mess in which we found ourselves on Russ’s birthday. He and all my wonderful CA friends, were the wind beneath my wings; helping, supporting and facilitating my transitions and projects. My body forced me to ask for help, step back and receive the love! What a wonderful gift and revelation that was.
Now that the dust had settled, and with a new passport in hand, I limped through SFO to my plane with a heart full of love, gratitude, connections and abundance. Surrendering to the wisdom of the universe and looking forward to new adventures in Portugal…

P.S. We did celebrate Russ’s birthday at a great party full of yummy connections. Russ disassembled the CD player, took the screws out and it’s working again.

With a little help from my friends…
Taking a break on the beach
Life in the fast lane…
With loved ones…
Dance is Life!
What are you looking at?
How we care for the Earth in Silicon Valley…
I ate very well! Chef Sahar’s creation.
My last taste of California! Delish!

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