Creating Peace

When musicians jam, they feed off of each other’s music and something new is born. Something that never existed before. When creatives Jam, new ideas are born. Seeds for an unpredictable future are planted. Creating the impossible starts with a dream. We have the choice to create from beautiful dreams or from horrific nightmares.
We were strangers when we got together in Cyprus for the Middle East JAM inspired by “YES World” United by a region, one that’s wounded and bleeding. Egyptians, Jordanians, Palestinians, Moroccans, Turkish, Israelis, Syrians. What the West calls the “Middle East”, I learnt that we prefer the non colonialist term: SWANA (South West Asia & North Africa). I was curious and apprehensive, no idea what to expect. A week later, I found family, allies and inspiration. What unites us is more than a region; it’s a vision for a peaceful, just and sustainable future for all.
In order to dream, we had to process our traumas first. Otherwise, they would haunt us and keep repeating themselves. The only way out is the way through. Processing is not pretty. Lots of tears, breakdowns and pain, but also laughter, hugs and release. Birthing a new possibility, hope.
As the week progressed, I learnt that change is an inside job. If I want peace, I have to kill the enemy within me. The enemy that’s preventing me from dreaming: fear, scarcity and mistrust. If I can’t imagine peace, it will never materialize.
As we shed layers of walls that separated us, we held each other’s hearts in love. United for a brief moment to jam. To create something beautiful. Something that never existed before. Despite the traumatic past, the painful present and all the doubts. Surrounded by brave souls who crossed oceans of fear to meet here, I know that I’m not alone. More and more are rising from the ashes. The ashes of injustice, torture, terror, dark dark dark fear and scarcity. We’re not the only ones. There are thousands of us out there. I’m feeling them, connecting with them, encouraging them. We’re rising. We’re helping each other go home. Welcome home! You’re safe here. All of you is welcome here. All of me is welcome here. Home is a co-creation. We’re all co-creating: one breath at a time. One choice at a time. One stone at a time. May we keep reminding each other how home feels. How home looks. How home smells and sounds. It’s here. In me. In you. In mother Earth. In my heart. In your heart. In the heart of the mother; mother Nature. Connection to the past, our roots, grew in swamps. There is as much nutrition in the swamps as there are toxins. Let’s filter the toxins out and use the nutrition to grow strong beautiful healthy branches, flowers and fruit. Let’s create our own narrative of love, abundance, acceptance, community, embracing what is. Gratitude!

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