Brno Prescription…

I woke up sneezing and sniffling. Couldn’t breathe without blowing my nose every few minutes. It was under 10°C (50°F) at 9am in Brno, Czech Republic. I was looking forward to exploring the city with my friend. Bummer! At least I still had my energy, enthusiasm and I could borrow warm clothes from my friend. I bundled up in 5 layers complete with a hat, scarf and put gloves in my pocket. To my surprise, my friend was ready to go in shorts, t-shirt, a light jacket and sandals. One would think we were in two different hemispheres.

3 hours later: We were both standing naked in the open air on the balcony of a rooftop spa on the 6th floor overlooking the city below. Not cold, no sneezing, no sniffling. Just enjoying the sun and the cold breeze while relaxing on the loungers chatting and sipping lemonade. For real. I was not dreaming or fantasizing.

What transpired in those 3 magical hours that allowed for such a drastic transformation? Putting Mother Nature’s healing powers to work! I had a healthy breakfast; fruit, granola, yogurt and chocolate for good measure. Guided by my adventurous friend, we went exploring hilly Brno on foot. The joys of seeing beautiful places, catching up with a beloved while exercising and keeping warm in (borrowed) winter clothes dissolved my cold away. Then came the grand finale: spa indulgence. After the Finnish sauna (imagine a hot oven), the cold plunge felt, well, so cold that being naked outdoors right after was pleasant and comfortable. A delicious lunch followed.

Later that day I traveled 2 hours to Prague, had a hearty soup for dinner, chocolate ice cream for dessert and fell asleep like a baby. Woke up healthy. Flew to Egypt where the hot weather, my family’s love and delicious food took care of the last few boogers.

My doctor parents, may they continue to rest in peace, would’ve been horrified at my reaction to ailment. They used to bury me in blankets, pump me full of antibiotics and vitamin pills at the first sneeze when I lived in mild Egyptian winters. If I had followed their medical advice (old habits), I would’ve stayed in bed all day hating my life and getting sicker and sicker. Let alone missing out on so many wonderful experiences. In essence, punishing my body for being sick. Instead, I chose to reduce my stress by indulging in what makes me happy, giving Nature (my body) what it needs (nutrition, warmth, movement) to do what it does best (purge and normalize). Much faster and much more enjoyable recovery.

The fastest way to suffer and cause suffering is to fight Nature. In my Tantra practice, which is my way of life, I strive to understand Mother Nature, live in harmony with her as much as I can, heal through pleasure and surrender to her magic ways, even if they seem harsh and cruel (… and try not to attach value judgement to what is 😻). Because in reality, we are Nature. Separation and control are illusions, deadly illusions!

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