A Different kind of History

“What would you like to tell your parents?” When I got this question in “Big Talk Game”*, my Mom came to mind. She was a woman of few words. As her daughter, the few words I got were motherly in nature; checking on my wellbeing, giving advice, family news, health tips (she was a medical doctor)…etc. Not once did she volunteer to talk about herself. By the time I wanted to record her story, dementia was setting in. I would’ve loved to tell my mother:”Who were you before you became a mother?”
Even though history never interested me, I realized it’s the subject matter, not the concept. I find the history we were force fed in schools boring, fictional and arbitrary. I’m not interested in who killed who when and how. IMHO, they’re all victims of a rotten system of fear gone crazy. The stories we inherit are not necessarily the Truth. They’re just the most popular. They change to suit those in power. Even when one side “wins”, the ensuing mental, physical and emotional aftermaths corrode it from the inside until it collapses. The new kid on the block takes over. Rinse and repeat. The history of fear, scarcity and separation: us vs them.
The stories I want to know are not those of killing, blood and disasters. I want to know how people lived their daily lives. How did they dance, sing, love, cook, eat, play, mourn, celebrate? How did they deal with periods, birth, coming of age? How did people clean themselves, their babies and their houses? What did the inside of their homes look like? How did partners meet? Because those stories are universal and eternal. They don’t change with the change of power. They’re written in the cells of our bodies. What if schools taught us how to read them? Then, and only then, will we write different stories. Stories of resilience, tolerance, adaptation and cooperation. Stories that unite us and connect us with our source: Nature! Let’s write a different history. The history of love, life and pleasure!

* “Big Talk Game” is a connection app. On Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ca.eworx.big_talk
On Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/eg/app/big-talk-game/id1599354725

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