“YES” to Being Alive!

We laughed, cried, danced, hugged, withdrew, celebrated, shared, broke down, broke through, held space, played “Big Talk Game”*, welcomed all parts of us in love and acceptance. We were present! Something transformed, shifted for good in our souls. There’s no going back. No settling for less. Once the soul tastes that connection to its true divine self, the heart bursts open and no force can imprison it anymore. You’re free!
Freedom has its price. You no longer fit in the small boxes that your family/friends/community made for you. When you break free, you’re also free from what used to be comfortable. You need to invent a new “comfortable”. Even though the process is hard, often seems impossible, it’s the only way you feel alive. Transformation from living to being alive. Many of the old formulas quit working. You feel lost, lonely, sad, angry, elated, hysteric, tired… it’s all part of the process. The rebirth of the real YOU! Shedding old skin that doesn’t fit anymore. The rising of the Phoenix! The whole world will fight you. You’re a threat to their beliefs. It’s just a little test of your conviction. Do you want the blue pill or the red pill?**
I was very lucky to participate in Egypt JAM; a 5-day leadership & transformation program lead by Egyptians in the Egyptian dialect. It was a co-creation event following the guidelines of the international YES World https://yesworld.org/. We arrived strangers and left with an unbreakable bond: authenticity!
When I left Egypt 37 years ago, I had an overwhelming feeling of not belonging. There was a big disconnect between what I unconsciously longed for in relationships and what was available around me. That feeling of not belonging in my own home haunted me all my life. After attending Egypt JAM, I felt different. There is now hope, pride and joy where loneliness and sadness used to live in my heart. I met beautiful hearts and minds. Experienced the transformation. Saw the Phoenix break through and it is so beautiful! Worth every tear and every yearning. During my long transformation journey, I met like-minded people all over the world, except in Egypt, until now. “Finally!” my heart said. A feeling of completeness, broken pieces coming together in harmony. It all made sense when I learnt that YES World started in my other home: California!

* Big Talk Game is a connection app. On Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ca.eworx.big_talk
On Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/eg/app/big-talk-game/id1599354725

** A phrase from the movie “The Matrix” (1999). Refers to the choice between staying unconscious in the common reality or being conscious and aware of what’s really going on. Great movie!

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