“Big Talk Game” App

“Be the change you want to see in the world”!
I want a world in which we are free to express our true authentic selves. No masks, pretences, shame or guilt. A world where we celebrate our differences as much as our sameness. Where our thoughts and actions are motivated by love and only love. In this world, we talk about what really matters to us, our inner world. Our hopes, fears, desires and pains, no filters. When we do so, we realize how similar we all are. Regardless of race, gender, age, location or any other differentiators. In this spirit, I created “Big Talk Game”.
I’ve been playing it with you, my friends, family and communities, for many years (I used to call it Truth & Connection game). Every time we play, we dive deeper into who we are, feel closer to each other and get more real. Now, at last, it’s much more accessible and easier to play and share: “Big Talk Game” is now an app that you can download and have at your fingertips. (Perfect for Valentine’s Day dates)!
In these trying times of increased fear, separation and isolation, superficial connections are no longer satisfying. Whether you’re meeting for the first time or lifetime partners, playing “Big Talk Game” is guaranteed to deepen your connection and intimacy. It’ll help you know yourself and people around you better. Let’s drop the small talk, avoidance, escapism and get real. Even though it’s an app, it’s played in real life with real people (including remotely if needs be). As long as you have the app on your device and you sign up, you’re good to go. Here’s the best part, it’s TOTALLY FREE! No fees, no ads, no hidden costs. Just my attempt to create the world in which I want to live. Enjoy, share and send me your feedback and suggestions. We’re adding new questions all the time. Let’s create the culture of Love, one relationship at a time!
From Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ca.eworx.big_talk
From Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/eg/app/big-talk-game/id1599354725

Earlier incarnation of Big Talk Game: https://unconditionallove.blog/2020/10/18/bigtalk/

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