“Renewal” typically has positive connotations: new beginnings, hope…etc, things that inspire optimism. Except in Egypt. “He/she got a renewal” means that their indefinite, illegal prison sentence has been extended 45 days. Then what? Another 45 days that typically add up to years.
Tens of thousands of Egyptian families, mine included, live with loved ones behind bars without a fair trial, a judicial sentence or any human rights. Political prisoners! Kidnapped by the state, thrown in prison and deprived of their rights to even inform their families. The whereabouts of the lucky ones are later discovered by their families. The judicial system is impotent in the face of the military, which in essence, is illegally occupying the country. If anyone speaks against the regime, criticizes the president or is suspected of advocating for human rights, they’re deemed dangerous to the state and can, at any time, “go behind the sun” (disappear)! “Amn Eddaula” (Security Police) is the ultimate authority on what happens to them. No one knows how to penetrate that illusive, secretive and vicious authoritarian entity that controls the lives of millions. In this brutal system of fear, scarcity and mistrust, divide and conquer is the name of the game. Turn neighbor against neighbor, friends, colleagues and relatives against one another and let fear and mistrust do the rest. An age old formula that never fails.
Egypt is not unique in this sad, scary feat. Many countries are, in one way or another, somewhere on that scale of fear and mistrust. I see the seeds being sown and it’s only a matter of time before it’s too late to reverse the tide. Systemic fear-mongering is the MO of politicians, marketers, media and any attention seeker; fear sells! It’s so insidious because it works on our subconscious primal instincts. It takes a huge amount of consciousness, self awareness and evolved communities to counteract its poisonous effects.
Our fear is the fertile soil that grows such parasites. The more attention they get, the bigger they grow and eventually, they take control and suffocate their host, thus killing themselves in the process. Cancer of societies. Nature’s way of cleansing itself. There IS wisdom in its cruelty after all. In a sense, it’s also Renewal!

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