A Table like no Other!

Even the taxi driver warned me against doing it alone. “Why is it dangerous?” I asked. “You might slip and fall”, he said. “Is there a chance of robbery?”, I asked. “Very unlikely. But you should go with someone. They can take pictures of you”.
I checked in with myself and I really wanted to do it. Its overwhelming presence; towering over Cape Town, offering magnificent views from wherever you look was so tempting, so I went ahead against everyone’s warnings. Hiking up huge boulders, not seeing where it ended. It was noon and I was sweating buckets. As soon as I got to a shaded curve, I quickly took off some clothes (life as a performer taught me some tricks in changing clothes quickly in tight areas 😉). It was like climbing large stairs for 2 hours with the added bonus of gorgeous scenery and fresh air. Every step brings me closer to my destination, I kept thinking. I sang, took breaks and pictures, talked briefly to whoever crossed my path. Sure enough, everyone else was in groups of at least 2. People here don’t do things alone. I guess with a long history of being prey to wild animals, slave hunters and more recently, muggers, people take safety in numbers very seriously. The slit in the rock looked close, but the trail zigzagged and took forever, especially with the heat and exhaustion. I started rationing my water. Then, viola! I’m at the top of Table Mountain! Spectacular views everywhere I looked. To my surprise, the top is not just one peak, it’s a vast wild area with lots of trails to explore. Luckily, there was a place to eat and refill my water! Replenished! Excited and in awe. I didn’t want to hike down after dark so I took the last gondola down. This cut into my exploration but I greatly enjoyed my first revolving gondola experience!

#tablemountain #capetown #southafrica #westerncape #hiking #nature #naturephotography #travel #travellife #outdoors #travelphotography

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