Cats & Dogs on the wild side!

“Bite the hand that feeds them” doesn’t only describe ungrateful people, it also applies to wild dogs. Not because they’re ungrateful, far from it. Biting, for wild dogs, is the only way they know how to show emotions, good or bad. Sadly for the hand that feeds them, their bite is much stronger than that of lions. So it can be deadly. Not to worry, they don’t attack humans (but I wouldn’t test it). They’re so unlike domestic dogs or even wolves that I think it’s misleading to call them dogs. Many people confuse them with Hayenas, but they look and act differently. Hyenas, very fascinating animals, are scavengers. They don’t hunt, they eat dead bodies. They have an immune system made of steel! Not only do they eat rotten flesh and don’t get sick; Hayenas defecate, urinate, lie down, and drop their food in the same pool of water from which they drink, and don’t get sick! I’m not aware of any other living being that can survive eating their own shit. Part of me is envious, the part that’s not disgusted 😀.
My favorite creatures on earth though, are cats! Big and small, wild and domestic. They are magnificent, beautiful, graceful, majestic, cute and playful! The big kind, lions, live in small groups (2-15). In the wild, they typically hunt and eat around once a week. The females hunt and the males protect the pack. When cats attack, they go for the neck. The big mane around the male lion’s neck is to protect it from other lions’ bites. The darker mane signifies the more dominant male. Both males and females roar to mark their territory. In all other aspects, they’re still cats; beautiful, graceful and playful. Africa doesn’t have tigers, they’re from Asia. Cheetahs, leopards, lions and other smaller cats are found in Africa.

Nature works in mysterious, fascinating and complex ways! To feel and experience the wild side of life is to touch God!

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