Touching My Roots

Alexandria, Egypt, 1970s: we grew up in the same neighborhood within walking distance from each other. Went to the same schools, sat in the same classes from kindergarten to high school, had the same friends. Went through childhood, puberty, early adulthood and first love stories together. We carpooled to school, ate, played and slept in each other’s houses. Then life took us onto separate paths after college. I moved to the USA.
Fast forward 36 years…
I see Amira, her siblings, mutual childhood friends and their children in Alexandria. We reconnect, catch up, celebrate and enjoy the warmth of touching our roots. Heart warming and soul enriching moments creating new memories together, after all those years. Impressed by the strong, independent, open minded, beautiful and bold new generation and thinking to myself “if I had chosen to have kids (which I didn’t), they would be like my friends’ kids”. I feel very lucky and grateful to have my friends and the impressive ready-made nephews and nieces in my life. Dancing. Beaches. Boat trips. Snorkling with amazing sea life. Wedding celebrations. Delicious meals with old memories. Nature… Life’s unexpected surprises when you live in the moment and go with the flow…

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