Soy Agua!

“You’re water. Water takes the shape of the container it’s in. You too, you adapt easily to circumstances around you”. I had just met Pi for the first time a mere 10 minutes before he made this observation. That was the best compliment! Water resonates with me on many levels.
My karate teacher used to say about self defense: “Be like water. If you resist, you invite more force. One can break a rock, but no one can break water”. Water, for me, represents feminine power; Flowing. Creating. Softening. Adapting. Yet at the same time, very powerful, destructive and engulfing. Water always gets its way. No matter how many turns it needs to make, it finds a way to her goal. It doesn’t care how windy the path may get. When it encounters an obstacle, water finds or creates a way around it. Always moving, always flowing. If it stops, it stagnates, dries out and dies. Water is life!
I love being in, by and around Water. It’s my inspiration, guide, meditation, teacher and beloved all in one.
Between land and ocean, stands my being. The body belongs to land. The heart and soul belong to water. Always swimming, floating and diving freely in the vast blue. No borders, walls or ends. Flow! From ocean to sea, from river to cloud to rain to lake, no end and no beginning. Changing form, quenching thirst, growing life, creating love and beauty!
If it wasn’t for the mortal container, I would be water. Wet the whole time!
May you always be free as wind and powerful as water!

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