2 thoughts on “Westernmost Tip of Africa

  1. Taking his duty seriously did not prevent him from being kind. – Why are many people doing their duty angry so often? (Which is then expressed in being impatient, rude, and threatening.) – I think it is in how we perceive duty, and it is something that is different over time and culture. Duty (a task or responsibility we are assigned or accept) can be a joy or a burden (or simply something that needs doing without drama), and I believe that when a culture (or person) is focused on self-realization and chasing personal happiness, duty, which is often in the service of others, can be perceived as an impediment, and impediment often creates anger.
    PS: I need to think more about “impediment”.


    1. When people take jobs out of need and scarcity, they are just acting without enjoyment. But if we follow our bliss and do what brings us joy, it’s so much easier, and more natural to stay in our hearts and more often than not, we succeed by objective measures as well.


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