Fleas in a Jar

I lived in caves, boats, hostels, apartments, houses, hotels, resorts. Slept on the beach, in the fields, on couches, in hammocks, cars, benches, feather beds. Showered in the rain, oceans, rivers, sprinklers, bathrooms. Hitchhiked, walked barefoot, rode camels, horses, traveled by bicycles, motorcycles, cars, buses, trains, planes. Ate from dumpsters, fresh from the fields, grubs … More Fleas in a Jar

Fear not!

The human race has been seeped in a culture of fear and scarcity for several thousand years. All human made borders are drawn in blood. Countries appear and disappear through wars. If you are alive today, someone in your ancestry line must’ve killed people. It’s been so long that we have no clue what life … More Fear not!

Your Best “BET”!

“When you point a finger at someone, 3 fingers are pointing back at you”. When I find myself judging someone or something, I think of the 3 fingers: B.E.T; Body, Emotions and Thoughts. Let me explain…At the root of every judgement, there is fear or scarcity. Here’s my checklist to capture the source of my … More Your Best “BET”!

Soaring spirits

I’m not here to remind you of your duties as a parent, a child, a spouse, an employee or a business owner. You have the rest of the world for that. I’m here to remind you to nourish your soul with dance. Feed your spirit with music. Enliven your body with movement. It takes courage … More Soaring spirits